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Beauty Editor noticed “more fullness” (plumping) , and impressed by “how smooth and hydrated her lips felt" ... ""incredibly moisturized"

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“Lazerfuzion’s lip system is now part of my daily beauty routine, I wont put lipstick on without it. I am absolutely amazed at how much better my lips look and feel.

Ashley W.,


“You’ll see results after just 4 weeks of use, but some women see improvements right away, like I did.”

Jenny P.,  Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert

“Our editors have been trying this kit and we are totally in love with it! Super easy to use and our lips are looking great.  .. Created for women who want their lips to be as naturally full as they can be without .. may find yourself tossing out your favorite chapstick after just a few treatments.”

I’ve never heard anyone talk about this.. I’m so excited about this, so obsessed with it. Its way less invasive [than injections] … just topical. “

Alexandra Beuter, Beauty Blogger

“Natural Alternative for Lip Plumping”

In Touch Magazine, Holiday Gift Ideas


There are ... lots of non-invasive products such as lip plumpers, lip liners …until you wash it all off for bed. And then it's just you and your skinny lips. That's why I went in search of something more without …needles

It wasn't an easy quest, but … I finally found [it].  The results? Unbelievable.

Two weeks after I first tried it, my lips are still full and juicy. Four weeks after, they continue to be chock-full. The maintenance takes so little time and yet my lips have yet to shrink or de-puff.

** ADDED BONUS   - An unexpected perk is that this high tech method delivers deep hydration that you'll still  experience days after you've used it.  My lips have never looked this good.

Got The Knack, Stephanie Dickison