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non-invasive collagen & elastin stimulation


Lip Plumping

Uses near infrared phototherapy to help boost collagen, promote smoothness and stimulate the lips through micro circulation.


  • 660nm Phototherapy device
  • Lip Plumping Serum With Unique Lip Response Technology
  • Lip Gloss With Lip Plumping Peptide Complex Maxi-Lip
  • Recharger and 2 Li-ion Batteries
  • Velvet Carry Case

how is this different

than other phototherapy devices?

Independent Studies show that near infrared therapy can increase type 1 procollagen an average of 31% over several weeks, as well as improve overall smoothness.*

3 Easy Steps


Lip plumping serum with unique
lip response technology

Gently apply lip
plumping serum to lips.



Hold device on each
spot for 60 seconds.


Mint flavored lip gloss
for maximum hydration

Apply lip gloss
for a radiant shine.




as seen March 2017

Beauty Editor noticed “more fullness” (plumping) , and impressed by “how smooth and hydrated her lips felt" ... "incredibly moisturized"


Michelle D.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I love to use this device as a primer for the lips before I apply lipstick to help smooth and hydrate the lips for better application. This device is a great tool to have on set.”

Rebeca Godin

Licensed Esthetician, Lush Skin Spa

"I use the lazerfuzion device both in the treatment room and on myself. It helps plump lips and keep them better hydrated. I love this little device."

Lindsay Elston


“After having just one treatment, I am loving my lips. Seriously, I can really tell a difference. My lips are much fuller.”

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frequently asked questions

Lazerfuzion is a pocket-sized near infrared phototherapy device designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the lips. The trio system consists of a combination of the phototherapy device with a lip plumping serum that has unique lip response technology and a mint flavored shiny lip gloss for maximum hydration. The combination of all three allows for maximum results.

Many women report their lips look healthier and smoother after a single application, noticeably plumper lips after a week of use, and maximum plumping within 4 to 6 weeks. Results vary with skin type and age, and benefits can accumulate with time and use.

Yes. Independent studies show that near infrared phototherapy can boost procollagen an average of 31% over several weeks, as well as significantly increase the appearance of smoothness.

for the lips - Although designed specifically for the lips, it can also be used for the face and skin in general, for the best of all worlds.

small - It's approximately size and shape of a lipstick applicator, making it super easy to use - just throw in your purse and take with you anywhere!

power - With it's primary focus on plumping, the concentrated application head directs full impact to the lips for maximum treatment .

combo treatment - lazerfuzion is the only system with a combo treatment of a pre laser serum combined with phototherapy for maximum impact.

YES. Many women are impressed with how smooth and hydrated their lips feel even after a single application.  In fact, many women report a lazerfuzion treatment is a great “natural” look with your favorite gloss, with or without lipstick. 

Yes, the process involves no pain or burning, with a built in 60 second timer to make applications quick and easy.

The mint flavored shiny lip gloss contains aloe, vit. C & E and spearmint extract. Aloe is hydrating, soothing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Isostearyl Neopentanoate is an emollient to soften the lips. And you will love mint flavor that comes from the spearmint extract.

The lip plumping serum contains a unique lip response technology which combines a botanical extract with peptides. It also contains sunflower seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamins C & E.

Some women like to use it for smoothness and hydration in between injections. Many women also report that it helps to prolong the results and they can go longer between injections which is a great cost savings advantage.

Yes, it is small, lightweight and portable for home use or to take on the go.

Recommended use is 2 - 3 times per week, for the first couple of weeks. After week 2, once or twice per week for the next 4 weeks would be sufficient for maintenance mode. After this, use as needed, or before a big event.

When you have a special event and want your lips to look (and FEEL) fabulous.


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